The Mill Kitchen & Bar proudly supports local farms throughout Georgia and the southeast trying to source our produce, beef, fish, chicken, cheeses, and breads. Perhaps the most unique farm of all is Mills Farm, located in Athens GA, from which the restaurant purchases their Red Mule Grits. What makes them different from other farms you might ask? Well, what makes them stand out is Luke, their 15 year old, 1,250lb red mule who proudly grinds the corn each and every day.

The owners, Tim and Alice Mills, decided to take the old fashioned approach to grit making, in order to ensure great quality each and every day. Not only that, but each bag of grits is made to order, that means The Mill Kitchen & Bar always gets optimal freshness in their dishes. Try out Tim, Alice, and of course Luke’s Red Mule Grits in our famous dishes like The Shrimp & Grits and Short Rib!