Thanksgiving is a day of gratitude, a day that brings together family and friends. But let’s be honest, it’s also a day all about food! Pull out the family recipes, or invent some new ones, and show off your hosting skills. We have some tips and tricks for making your Thanksgiving unforgettable.   

1. DO - Make as much as you can ahead of time.

Save time by prepping as much as you can ahead of time. Some dishes, like stuffing, freeze well, and can be prepared up to a week (or more) in advance. Just remember to adjust your cooking time on the day of if you’re reheating from frozen. Other dishes, like green bean casserole, don’t hold up as well in the freezer, but you can still save time on turkey day by prepping as many ingredients as possible the day before. And take a tip from our chef and mise en place, a fancy term for portioning and setting up your ingredients and seasonings before you begin. 

2. DON’T - Experiment in the kitchen.

Thanksgiving Day is probably not the time to attempt your hottest Pinterest recipe for the first time. With guests arriving, a tight schedule, and no chance for a do-over, there’s just too much at risk. If you’re up for a change and want to try something different this season, make sure you perfect it ahead of time. Or, order something new from a local Roswell restaurant and pick it up early for less mess and less fuss!

3. DO - Set the table early.

One to two nights before your event, go ahead and set the table. It will give you plenty of time to determine seating arrangements, set a simple centerpiece (after all, the food is the real star of your Thanksgiving table), and make sure you have everything you need. Don’t forget silverware, place settings, and cups for dinner and post-meal cocktails! 

4. DON’T - turn down any outside help!

It can be hard to give up control over your kitchen, but on the day of your event, if you have any hope of actually getting to enjoy your event, it pays off in droves to accept any help you’re offered. Enlist an assistant to take drink orders and fill cups. Appoint a sous chef to monitor your saute pan and pull bread from the oven when the timer dings. You’ll get your food out faster and get a chance to mingle.  

5. DO - Expect leftovers and plan accordingly!

Warmed up the next day, or later that night for a midnight treat, there’s something extra special about Thanksgiving leftovers. This is a day you’ll want to over-prepare. Plan for larger than normal quantities, and consider purchasing some to-go style containers for easy packaging. Your guests will be thankful for your thoughtfulness even after they’ve left.  

Finding yourself really pressed for time this year? Cater your entire Thanksgiving, or just some of your favorite dishes, from your favorite Roswell restaurant! 

The Mill Kitchen and Bar will be open on Thanksgiving Day with a plated holiday buffet and select menu items. We’re also offering full Thanksgiving meals prepped and ready for delivery! Call today to place your order or make a reservation! 770-817-9345

Frequently Asked Questions about Thanksgiving at The Mill

Can I order a turkey from The Mill?

Yes! Turkey, mac and cheese, even dessert! It’s all on the menu at The Mill! Call now to place your order and we’ll have it ready and waiting. 770-817-9345

Does The Mill deliver?

We offer delivery for catering orders! Call today for more information!  770-817-9345