The Perfect Drinks for Brunch

During times like this, finding time to unwind at the end of a long week is more important than ever, and there is no better way to blow off steam than hanging out with friends or family over a nice Sunday brunch. Whether you’re a pancakes aficionado or a savory shrimp and grits connoisseur, brunch is a time to sit back, relax and enjoy all of the sweet and savory pairings the meal has to offer, including delicious cocktails.

While normally reserved for the happy hour crowd, cocktails are just as much a staple at brunch as a basket of warm biscuits or a fresh fruit salad. From Bloody Marys to sparkly Bellinis, there’s a cocktail for everyone. 

Bloody Mary

Is there a more signature brunch drink than a Bloody Mary? The vodka and tomato juice-based cocktail is a crowd pleaser because it can be so easily personalized. The garnishes on Bloody Marys are almost more critical than the Tabasco and lemon juice ratio used in the cocktail itself. From classic celery stalks or dill pickles to more adventurous combinations of cheese, shrimp, sliders and olives, a Bloody Mary bar is a great way to allow everyone to customize their own drink. 

Prep is key for setting up your own Bloody Mary Bar. Whether you’re hosting a bridal shower or a birthday party, there are several key steps to making sure your brunch goes without a hitch. You can pre-salt the rims of the glasses you’ll be using or chill the glasses before putting them out. Arranging items in the order people will be assembling their drinks makes things easy. And don’t forget skewers or long swizzle sticks to keep the drinks mess-free.  


Bottomless Mimosas is a phrase that brings joy to many a brunch-beguiled heart. Equally as synonymous with brunch as the Bloody Mary, Mimosas add a slightly sweeter option to the part-breakfast, part-lunch menu. 

Just as tasty on a lazy day as they are on a day full of celebration, you can’t go wrong with the crowd-pleasing Mimosa. Another easy drink to assemble on the fly, the citrus juice and champagne cocktail can be mixed up with the addition of a few berries, some mint leaves or even a dash of vanilla extract. As long as your bottomless Mimosa bar contains plenty of chilled wine, fruit juices and various fruits to incorporate, your guests will have no complaints.


Similar to the Mimosa with its champagne or Prosecco base, Bellinis hold their own in the brunch world by incorporating peach puree, and sometimes peach Schnapps, into the mix. Slightly more sweet than their citrusy cousin, Bellinis pair wonderfully with yogurt parfaits or fruit salad. 

If you’re making your own, you can experiment with different fruit purees. Blueberries, strawberries, mango or watermelon are all great ideas to put your own spin on the cocktail. 

Irish Coffee

If you can’t hold your head up past noon on the weekend without a fresh boost of caffeine, the Irish Coffee may be your brunch beverage of choice. While its basic ingredients include Irish whiskey, sugar, coffee and cream, this beverage has a lot of variation depending on where it's being served, and can come frozen. 

Making an Irish Coffee at home can be advantageous as you control the amount of each ingredient. Some people incorporate freshly whipped cream to their homemade concoctions, or maple syrup instead of sugar. The sky’s the limit with this coffee-whiskey hybrid. 

Brunch at The Mill Kitchen and Bar 

If you’re tired of being cooped up at home and are looking for a way to get out and catch up with friends, is a staple in the Roswell brunch scene. With a build-your-own Bloody Mary Bar and Bottomless Mimosas served up every Sunday, you can get your brunch cocktail fix while dining on signature Southern dishes. Pimento Cheese Fritters and Breakfast Sliders, anyone? We look forward to seeing you at our downtown Roswell Restaurant!

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Frequently Asked Questions about The Mill Kitchen and Bar

Where can I find brunch in Roswell, GA?

The Mill Kitchen and Bar serves up a full brunch menu every Sunday. A Bloody Mary Bar and Bottomless Mimosas round out their offerings. Make a reservation today!  770-817-9345

Where to find a private event room for brunch? 

The Mill Kitchen and Bar in Roswell, GA has several private rooms and custom catering options for hosting an event or party. Call to reserve a room. 770-817-9345