The Art of Mixology

Simply put, mixology is the art of mixing drinks. When people get bored of ordering the same old cocktail at their favorite Friday night restaurant, they start looking for trendier options. That’s where mixology comes in—unlike at a traditional bar or restaurant, an establishment that employs or contracts a person who specializes in mixology will have a unique cocktail menu that changes often to reflect the current season, dining menu or local trends. 

“Mixologist” vs. “Bartender”

The terms “mixology” and “mixologist” probably sound like newfangled, millennial-esque terms to describe the colloquial bartender, but the words actually have their own distinct meaning. While a bartender works in a face-to-face capacity, creating and serving house cocktails as well as classic drinks, mixologists often work behind the scenes to create new cocktails. 

Sure, the two have similar skill sets, and neither is superior to the other, but the role of a mixologist is to take it a step further than mixing up a memorized recipe and serving it with a personalized flair. Mixologists study the history of cocktail mixing and bartending, as well as current trends and ideas. A mixologist creates innovative alcoholic beverages as well as reimagines more well-known and classic cocktails.

They also often step outside the bar. Mixologists often find themselves employed in places other than restaurants or bars. They are often consultants or work for distilled spirits manufacturers. 

An art form 

Often, mixologists have years of bartending experience under their belts that make them an expert on what tastes good. Because they spend so much time behind the  bar, they not only know how to whip up a drink on the fly but also have personal insight into the tastes of current consumers and trends in the cocktail scene. Whether the person pouring a drink is a self-described mixologist or a bartender creating a new concoction, the art of mixology is now more vital than ever. 

The “art of Mixology” refers to the innovative ways various elements can go into creating a new cocktail. When viewing their work as an art form, cocktail makers can examine the ingredients in a cocktail just like a chef might examine the ingredients for a new dish. 

Anyone can get behind a bar, mix together a few spirits and call themselves a mixologist. But the results won’t be quite as good if the person doesn’t know what they’re doing. Mixologists know how to use the ingredients behind the bar together in a way that compliments each element but also creates a tasty, cohesive’s harder than it looks! 

Mixology at The Mill 

The kind of creativity brought by a recent resurgence in attention to modern mixology is now the norm in the dining industry, where consumers expect restaurants to not only be able to serve up the classics but have their own house drinks that not only have a distinct personality but also pair well with the menu. 

If you’re in the Atlanta, GA area and looking for a restaurant with its thumb on the pulse of mixology, The Mill Kitchen and Bar has a seasonal cocktail menu that boasts invigorated versions of old favorites as well as new flavor combinations you haven’t tried before. Reserve a table for lunch or dinner and see what all the fuss is about. 

Frequently Asked Questions about The Mill Kitchen and Bar

Where can I find a private event room for a night in Roswell, GA? 

The Mill Kitchen and Bar has multiple private rooms and custom catering options for hosting a safe event or party. Make a reservation at 770-817-9345.

What Roswell, GA restaurants have outdoor seating? 

The Mill Kitchen and Bar has a wraparound flagstone patio, with socially-distanced seating and a view of Historic Roswell. Call us for details at 770-817-9345.