At The Mill Kitchen and Bar, we know a thing or two about great steak. Perfectly charred, tender and juicy, with just the right amount of seasoning, we love a well-cooked cut of steak. But what makes the best cut of steak, and how do you choose?

Different Cuts of Steak

The “cut” of a steak refers to the area it came from. The location of the cut affects certain qualities of the meat, like taste and mouthfeel. If it’s in an area that is frequently used or strained, the muscle fibers are leaner and firmer, making it tougher to chew. An area that receives less use will hold more fat deposits, evident in the marbling of the beef, and taste more tender.

Common Cuts

  • Ribeye: Harvested from ribs in the upper back, near the shoulder, from muscles that aren’t used as often, ribeye steaks are some of the most tender and flavorful steaks imaginable.
  • Filet: Cut from the small end of the tenderloin, one of two muscles that run alongside the spine, an area with less connective tissue. Filets are known for their tenderness, and they pair well with rich flavors from other dishes or seasonings.
  • Strip: Taken from the short loin, a muscle that does little work, behind the ribs, the New York cut is known for being a tender section that holds up to bold seasonings.    

What’s the best cut of steak?

It depends on your personal preferences! Some cuts are marbled with fat, creating a rich and tender mouthfeel, while others are leaner and carry bolder flavors. It also comes down to cooking styles and any enhancements you might add, like mushrooms and onions or grilled shrimp.

At The Mill Kitchen and Bar, we recommend trying the Prime Ribeye Traditional Style to savor the rich flavor of prime beef. This dish comes with Yukon Gold mashed potatoes, sauteed green beans, with a red wine demi-glaze and Maitr’d butter.

The indulgent Fillet Mignon is further elevated when served Mill Style, alongside lobster mac n’ cheese, grilled asparagus, and lobster butter. Our Prime New York Strip holds up well to the bold flavors of our house-made blackened seasoning and whiskey demi-glaze, served alongside brussels sprouts and our pimento cheese bacon risotto.  

Joining us for lunch? Our steak tacos feature marinated steak, chipotle sour cream, and house-made pico de gallo. Which cut of steak is the best? We suggest you try them all!

Whether you join us for date night in Roswell with dinner and drinks or a special event with friends and family, The Mill Kitchen and Bar has everything you need for the best steak dinner in Roswell. Make your reservations now! 770-817-9345

Frequently Asked Questions about The Mill Kitchen and Bar

What's the best steak at The Mill Kitchen and Bar?
The best steak is the one you create! Choose your cut, choose your style, and customize it with one of our delicious enhancements!

Are reservations required at The Mill Kitchen and Bar?

Reservations are not required but they are recommended, especially on busy nights and weekends.

Does The Mill Kitchen and Bar offer Gluten Free or Vegan options?

Yes! Look for the Gluten-Free and Vegan labels on our menu, or ask your server for special recommendations