Special Events Venue- Roswell

When it comes to special event venues in the Roswell, Georgia region there is something for virtually every style, party size and budget. Whether you want Southern country charm and elegance such as that found at The Mill Kitchen and Bar, a site steeped in the past like the Garden at Great Oaks, or perhaps a space such as ICE Martini Bar, you are certain to find a place perfect for your event. But, how do you determine what venue will be best for your needs? Here are 5 questions to consider.

1. Where is it? As in many things, it’s all about location. You want a venue that will set the tone and earn you compliments from those who attend.

2. Is it comfortable and adequate? Select a venue that has enough space for the number of people who will be attending. Be sure to consider space for the activities you have planned – for example, if you plan on dancing and live music, you will need room for dancing and the band. If your event is part of a business function, don’t forget to plan for space for displays, podiums, media equipment, a head table, or other items needed for your event.

3. What services are available? Does the venue provide you with onsite food and beverage service or will you need to call yet another vendor to get these items? If you are planning on serving alcohol, don’t forget to ask about the potential venue’s licensing. In addition to food, if you will need the space set up a specific way, be sure you are clear about who will be responsible for the set up and breaking down of the room.

4. What about amenities? You want your guests/attendees to feel welcomed and comfortable. Amenities that add to that include free parking, sparkling clean restrooms, a coatroom, plenty of lobby space for mingling and a covered portico. While every venue may not have all of these elements, the more of these extras an Atlanta venue has, the more pleasurable the experience.

5. How much say do you have in the menu? If the venue is capable of handling the food and drinks, find out if they choose the food served or if you can select the items.Selecting a Roswell, Georgia events venue for an event can be accomplished with ease. It may mean several phone calls, but with a bit of persistence and patience it can be done. For a place that is designed to meet numerous needs, contact The Mill Kitchen and Bar and see what we have to offer.