Locally Grown Food

When you go to the grocery store, you have thousands of choices. When you go home, you can prepare your food exactly how you want it and with your personal choice of ingredients. As our ability to control what we eat at home increases, many people all across the country are realizing that we should have that same amount of choice and control when we go out to eat.Organic restaurants satisfy that growing demand. More than just some sort of “gimmick” or “trend,” offering organic foods and responsibly-sourced ingredients allows people to live out their preferred lifestyle whether they want to eat at home or at a restaurant. They can take comfort in knowing that the food they eat is all-natural and comes from familiar, trusted, and environmentally responsible sources.Best of all, organic food is just plain delicious! Find out about these benefits and more to learn why organic restaurants near Atlanta and throughout the world are getting more business.

Consumer Choice

When you get handed a menu at a typical restaurant, your choices are limited regardless of how many items are there. Options like what unhealthy side to order or what sauce to douse your food in are false choices. No matter what you order, you cannot choose for your foods to be free of processed ingredients, excessive fat, sugar, salts, or contaminants found in industrial farming.Organic restaurants give you back that choice. Instead of restricting you to high fat, high sugar, or high sodium menu items, you can get a range of options that offer much more variety and diverse flavors. You get to stand up for your health and against our monoculture eating habits. You get the option to avoid hormones, antibiotics, preservatives and other unnatural substances that often get injected into our food supply chain at multiple steps in between the farmer and the consumer.Ordering off the menu at an organic restaurant therefore becomes about so much more than eating healthy; it’s about exercising your personal freedom to choose what you put in your body.


The only way to have choice is to have transparency. Organic farming and organic sourcing lets you in on the process of how your food is grown or raised. You get to know which ingredients get left in and which are left out of this process, which is especially critical for those with specific dietary needs.Since “you are what you eat,” eating at an organic restaurant can help you know yourself and your health infinitely better.

Ethical Eating

Like all other animals, humans naturally need food to survive, but so much of what we do to make our food is disturbingly unnatural and inhumane. Simple choices like ordering fish should not compound into horrific consequences, like overfishing and mass pollution of our oceans.At The Mill Kitchen & Bar, we go beyond organic, healthy eating to ensure that all of our ingredients are also ethically sourced from humane and responsible operations. For instance, we follow all of the guidelines set by the Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch program to help us know which types of fish and fishing operations to avoid.We also ensure that our own practices are sustainable; all cooking oil is recycled and converted into diesel fuel, and we use only biodegradable dish detergents and cleaning solutions.Practices like these help keep your decision to order delicious food at a restaurant from becoming major ethical and moral dilemmas.

Come Eat Healthy and Responsibly at an Organic Restaurant near Atlanta

We at The Mill Kitchen & Bar want to protect the health of our diners and our environment by offering the benefits of organic cooking. Come nourish your body with food made the way it’s supposed to be by coming into lunch or dinner or making a reservation today.