Office parties are a great way to build personal relationships within your team, recognize success, and celebrate growth. But whether you're hosting a holiday work event for employees  or celebrating a product launch, planning office parties can come with a lot of pressure. From the theme to the favors, it's important that the day lives up to the standards and expectations of the company, but it's also important to have fun. Today, we've got office party ideas to help make your next event fun and entertaining for everyone.

Consider a Party Theme

Office party themes provide a direction to channel your creativity. Themes also help guests unite around a common idea, making it easier to facilitate networking or learning within the group. "Game Night" promises an evening of interactive fun and planned activities, while "Costume Party" makes it easy for guests to mingle and mix in a more social, relaxed environment. For holiday office parties, Secret Santa gift exchanges or Unwrap the Gift games are always popular.

Make it Entertaining with a Game or Activity

Office party games aren't just for team building, they're fun! Try to incorporate unique party game ideas like scavenger hunts or team trivia, or plan activities around your theme. If it's a holiday party for work, white elephant gift exchanges are popular, and often the source of long-running inside jokes. 

Hold an Office Awards Ceremony

Office award ceremonies are a fun way to recognize the unique contributions everyone brings to your workplace. Awards can be funny, but should be thoughtful and gifted in the spirit of kindness. Present an alarm clock to the person who's always first in the office, or a new picture frame to the coworker with the most photos in his or her cubicle. 

Get Out of the Office

Let's face it. Everybody loves a field trip! Parties are more fun when they take place outside the office. Treat the team to lunch or book a Roswell event space at a restaurant. Not only will guests enjoy the activities, but they'll also enjoy the opportunity to relax and bond with coworkers over a great meal.

Give out Good Party Favors

The best party favors are the ones your guests will cherish. Place your company logo, or go with your party theme, but choose something high quality and useful. Portable chargers or ear buds are always handy in today's world, and nobody ever has enough canvas tote bags. Tumblers, mugs, and glassware are another solid option, as are water bottles and can koozies.

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