The smell of your grandmother's macaroni and cheese wafting through the air on a Sunday afternoon as you played outside, waiting on the signal to "come eat" is a memory rooted in southern tradition. Buttermilk biscuits, fried chicken, sweet potato pie, fresh okra fried up perfectly, and a large glass of sweet tea to wash it down made trips to Grandma's house the highlight of the week. 

In the south, food brings us more than just comfort: it brings timeless moments with friends and family and allows us to share our love for life and each other. Read on to learn about the history of southern food and why it plays such an important part in our lives today.

How Southern Food Started

The origins of southern food may surprise you. But, just as a blend of cultures transformed the country, so did a combination of ingredients. Southern food combines imported and locally sourced ingredients into dishes that are tasty and easy on a budget. Perhaps, the preparation technique most recognized in southern food is frying foods in some sort of fat like lard.

Why We Love It

We love southern food for many reasons, including fun, fellowship, and flavor. What's more fun than a great meal surrounded by family and friends, revisiting old times, and making new plans for the future? It's not just the food that is so comforting, although that's a large part of the experience. 

With today's hectic lifestyles, finding the time to sit down for a home-cooked meal by yourself or with those that you love goes a long way in creating a happier person. Missing your favorite aunt's homemade sweet potato pie? Pick up the phone, get the recipe, and make it yourself. It might not be the same as being at the family reunion, but we're sure your aunt might think so, and you will, too, right after the first bite!

How It's Evolved

Any dish prepared with fresh ingredients and the right seasonings can be considered southern and doesn't have to be fried. With recent trends in eating a healthier diet, many chefs and home cooks have looked at alternative ways to prepare classic southern dishes without losing the many flavors we enjoy. One of the easiest ways to do this has been to grill our favorite foods and reduce the amount of salt and butter in each dish. 

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