Cocktails: how hard can they be? All you really need is a shot of vodka and some cranberry juice, right? Wrong. If you want to make a truly great cocktail, there's a lot more to it than just throwing some alcohol and ingredients together. 

Modern mixology is an art form, and if you want to make the perfect cocktail, you need to understand the science behind it. We’ve got a quick guide to help you get started!

Mixologists Are Cocktail Experts

The term "mixology" is actually a relatively new one, and it only became popular in the last few years. Before that, bartenders and other professionals who made cocktails were simply called "bartenders." 

In most cases, bartenders are focused on serving drinks, and while they may have some knowledge of mixology, they don't usually create their own recipes. A mixologist, however, is a professional who specializes in making cocktails. They often create their own unique recipes, and they possess a deep understanding of the science that goes into creating great-tasting drinks. 

The Science Behind High-Quality Cocktails

There are many different factors that go into creating a great-tasting cocktail, and a mixologist takes all of these things into consideration when they are crafting a new cocktail recipe. From the way different ingredients interact with each other to the chemistry of different alcohols, mixology explores how flavors can be combined to create a unique taste, as well as how different preparation techniques contribute to the final overall flavor of a drink. 

For example, muddling (crushing) mint leaves in the bottom of a glass can release essential oils and produce a different flavor than if the mint was simply added to the drink whole. Similarly, shaking a cocktail with ice cubes can help to mix the ingredients more thoroughly and create a colder, more refreshing drink. Many mixologists will account for the fact that shaking and chilling can change the flavor of a drink and will adjust their recipes accordingly. 

Mixology: Always Innovating, Always Evolving

So, what sets modern mixology apart from the cocktails of yesteryear? The answer is simple: creativity. Today's mixologists are constantly coming up with new ways to combine ingredients and create unique flavor profiles. If you want to make a truly great cocktail, you need to be willing to experiment and think outside the box. 

Modern mixologists are also always looking for ways to improve upon classic recipes. For example, they may experiment with different bitters or liqueurs to add new flavors to an old favorite. Or, they may use fresh fruits and herbs to create a more colorful and visually appealing drink. The bottom line? Mixology is all about creativity, innovation, and experimentation. 

Mixology at The Mill Kitchen and Bar

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