It’s that time of the year! Lunch on the patio or dinner by the fire, the weather is perfect for eating outside and we’re ready with our second annual look at what’s trending in outdoor dining. From furniture to food, here’s what’s hot in 2019!

Outdoor Decor

outdoor restaurant decor

This year, it’s all about form, function, and color. We’re seeing mixed materials really brought to the forefront with softer waterproof fabrics and the return of wicker, blended seamlessly with modern recycled plastics and repurposed metal elements. Function remains supreme, however, and this year it’s all about multi-purpose seating. Whether it’s small groups or large parties, outdoor spaces should have options for couples to snag a private moment, as well as groups looking for plenty of table room. Cozy nests and spacious spreads are highlighted with bold pops of colors as 2019 embraces tropical hues, botanical graphics, and modern black and white contrasts. It’s fun, it’s refreshing, it’s exactly what we need!

Smart Design

As technology continues to move outdoors, expect to see more technological and environmentally friendly features emerge. From LED lights you can change from your phone, umbrellas with built in speakers, and multi-purpose furniture crafted from renewable resources and recycled plastics, outdoor dining is going green in a great way.

Craft Eats

Beers aren’t the only thing specially crafted these days. Pickles are picking up in popularity, from DIY home gardeners looking to preserve an overabundance of garden vegetables, to restaurants like The Mill Kitchen and Bar with dishes that feature homemade pickled veggies and jellies made in-house. More than attention to detail and small-batch production, part of the craft movement involves knowing where each ingredient originates from. As farmers markets continue to build in popularity, it’s becoming easier for consumers to connect with the people who grow your food. Whatever you’re eating outside, chances are, this year you’re more likely to know where it came from.

Craft Drinks

Whether you’re enjoying locally sourced mushroom risotto, or taking your picnic next level with watermelon and beet salad, it’s gonna taste a whole lot better with an icy cold one. The craft beer trend continues to rage on, and it shows no signs of stopping. Heirloom grains, exotic spices, and unusual fruits are making appearances this year, and we expect to see more outside-the-box ingredients as distillers get more creative with recipes.With brilliant colors and smart designs, it’s shaping up to be a great year for outdoor dining! If you’re looking for the perfect outdoor dining space for your small or large group, or just looking for a date night dinner outside at your local Roswell restaurant, The Mill Kitchen and Bar is always on trend. Join us on the patio all year long! Call for reservations today! 770.817.9345