What’s in a Mimosa? What to Know About Our Favorite Brunch Drink

Bubbly, citrusy, and sweet, the mimosa is up there as one of our favorite beverages to drink along with a weekend brunch feast. A simple blend of orange juice and sparkly champagne, this daytime cocktail is charming in that it hits all of the right notes while still being relatively subtle. But how much do you know about the mimosa? We’re counting down our favorite facts about this marvelous mixed drink. 

National Mimosa Day is in May

It’s coming up May 16! National Mimosa Day is the perfect excuse to grab your friends and celebrate this very important holiday with some waffles, bacon, and all of the other Sunday brunch fixings you can get your hands on. 

Mimosas Were Invented in France

The very first mimosa is said to have been invented by Frank Meier, a bartender at the Ritz Hotel in Paris, in 1925. He mixed up the drink of equal parts juice and wine, and a brunch staple was born. There is no evidence however that he was the first person to ever mix the drink, so its origins still remain a little mysterious. 

The Word “Mimosa” Comes From a Flower

Because of its vibrant yellow-orange color, the mimosa mixed beverage was named after an equally sunny flower, the mimosa flower, which is native to Central and South America. 

Try a Mimosa at Your Next Sunday Brunch at The Mill 

We try not to play favorites, and our bartenders can whip up some pretty scrumptious cocktails to accompany any menu item. But there is something so classic about the mimosa, we can’t help but suggest it as a perfect brunch-time staple. Call today to make your next brunch reservation at our downtown Roswell restaurant, and don’t forget to celebrate National Mimosa Day on May 16! 770-817-9345