Looking for the perfect plates to share with friends and family at your next gathering? The Mill Kitchen and Bar offers delicious appetizers, small plates, and shareable sides that are sure to satisfy any craving. With options like Poke Nachos, Chicken Fried Octopus, and Pimento Cheese Fritters, you'll want to order multiple items to pass around the table. As one of the most popular Roswell downtown restaurants, The Mill is here to cover our top appetizers to share.

Poke Nachos 

These Hawaiian-inspired nachos start with a base of crispy wontons instead of tortilla chips, stacked high with chunks of tender ahi tuna poke and fresh vegetables. Each bite offers a sweet and spicy blend of flavors from the ahi tuna, avocado, cucumbers, pickled onions, serrano chilies, cilantro, and seaweed salad. A drizzle of chili garlic aioli adds a creamy, savory element that brings all the ingredients together. This modern twist on a classic appetizer is perfect for sharing with its mix of textures and bright, fresh flavors.

Bread and Butter

Sometimes simple is best. This appetizer features slices of artisan sourdough bread served alongside cracked mustard-truffle butter. The rich, savory butter with bits of earthy black truffle is the ideal accompaniment to spread atop the freshly baked bread. The sourdough has a deliciously crispy crust and fluffy interior, making it the perfect vehicle for swiping up that gourmet truffle spread. This easy yet elegant dish allows you to appreciate the simple joy of good bread and butter elevated to new heights.

Chicken Fried Octopus

Not your average fried fare, the crispy exterior of this appetizer gives way to an incredibly tender octopus underneath. This Southern-inspired dish features octopus lightly fried in a crispy batter served atop a bed of peppery local greens tossed in a bright basil and cilantro vinaigrette. The smoky paprika oil drizzled over the salad adds depth of flavor while the charred lime wedge cuts through the richness with fresh acidity. A ramekin of black garlic sweet chili sauce served alongside balances the spice and tartness with its sweet, umami notes. 

Pimento Cheese Fritters

Any dish featuring pimento cheese has that quintessential Southern comfort factor, but these fritters take it to the next level. Savory, creamy pimento cheese is coated in a crispy cornmeal crust and then fried, creating the ultimate salty-rich poppable bites. In classic Southern fashion, these fritters are served with bacon marmalade for dipping, adding sweet, smoky flavors. This shareable small plate puts a fun spin on a Southern classic.

The Devil's Eggs 

These are not your average deviled eggs! The Mill puts a delectable spin on this classic appetizer with the bold flavors of 'nduja, a spreadable Calabrian salami paste that packs some serious heat. Each halved egg is filled with spicy spreadable sausage and a drizzle of chili garlic aioli for extra richness and bite. The presentation takes them over the top, perched atop a spicy pickle chip and garnished with fresh dill. This amped-up version brings the deviled egg into the daringly delicious territory. The creamy, peppery yolks contrast beautifully with the crispy pickle and herbaceous dill. If you're looking to truly indulge, add an order of these devilishly good eggs to your table.

Order The Best Plates To Share At The Mill Kitchen and Bar

No matter your preferences, this selection of small shareable plates from The Mill Kitchen and Bar offers a Roswell lunch or dinner to satisfy everyone. From the adventurous flavors of the Poke Nachos to the straightforward comfort of the Bread and Butter, you'll find dishes bursting with bright colors and bolder flavors meant for enjoying family style. If you are searching for the best lunch places near me, gather your closest friends and pull up a chair - with plates like these worth sampling, you'll want to come hungry and leave happy.