Brunch is a deliciously cheerful affair. Mid-morning cocktails, decadent hollandaise. It's bright and bubbly, and meant to be shared. Gather your friends around the table, break out the syrup and champagne and share your stories from the weekend. It’s brunch time!

Brunch: a brief history

Brunch, a portmanteau of breakfast and lunch, was coined in Britain in 1895 to describe a Sunday meal for "Saturday-night carousers". By the 1930s, brunch was trending in the United States. This popular late morning meal was originally for the well to do, with some historians speculating it was well timed with a train stop in Chicago for the transcontinental Hollywood jet set as they traveled from coast to coast.  Soon, restaurants across the country were hopping on the bandwagon, offering decadent spreads of food and classic morning cocktails like Bloody Marys, Bellinis and Mimosas.

Pair your dish with a good pick-me-up

Mimosa with Brunch

Brunch and mimosas go together like chicken and waffles, and you can have all of these in one setting if you’re lucky! Whether you're looking for something to recover from all the Saturday night carousing, or just searching for some Sunday sparkle, brunch cocktails are a divine solution. Bottomless mimosas and fruity Bellinis are cheery and bubbly and begging to be enjoyed. Protein packed brunch fair, whether Eggs Benedict or Steak and Hashbrowns, provides all the energy you need to pull you through the day.  Brunch in Roswell is particularly special. Sit on the patio and relax while the city gets started on a lazy Sunday afternoon, or meet your friends for one last hurrah before the work week.

Know the proper brunch etiquette

Brunch is a special affair, and as such, it has some special requirements. The first rule of brunch? Never order off menu. Chefs often create special brunch-only menus with carefully paired cocktail programs designed to capitalize on fresh ingredients and seasonal availability. If you’re craving a create-your-own experience, a brunch buffet may be a better option. Whatever you do, don't make the faux pas of asking to see a dinner menu. Chances are, the kitchen isn't prepared to supply normal offerings during a busy brunch rush. Finally, when it comes to bottomless mimosas, you definitely want to get your money's worth. Generally speaking though, there shouldn't be more empty glasses than there are guests at the table. Brunch cocktails shouldn’t be rushed. These mid-morning pick-me-ups deserve to be sipped and savored over a great meal interspersed with great conversation.If you’re looking for bunch in Roswell, The Mill Kitchen and Bar offers a seasonal menu with bottomless mimosas every Sunday. From small plates with pimento cheese fritters or biscuits and gravy, to contemporary brunch fare like lobster omelettes and avocado toast, everyone is sure to find something tasty to kick off the week. Sip and stay with fresh and fruity bottomless mimosas on the patio. Make reservations for brunch at your local Roswell restaurant today! 770.817.9345

Frequently Asked Questions about Brunch at The Mill

Do you offer Bottomless Mimosas as part of your brunch menu?
We do! From 12PM-3PM you can enjoy as many mimosas that your heart desires for just $22!

Do you offer brunch every day of the week?
Sadly, no. Our delicious brunch menu is only available on Sundays.