Thanksgiving can be a stressful time if you have to cook all of the food for your family to eat. You don't have to spend all of your time slaving away in the kitchen so everyone can have a good meal this year, though.

If you want to take the year off and let someone else handle the food, look no further than The Mill Kitchen and Bar.

This year, we will deliver a hot Thanksgiving meal to your door on Thanksgiving so you can enjoy time with your family. If you would rather pick it up, you can do that as well but you still won't have to cook it! We have two different options based on the size of your gathering as well as the option to just purchase some side dishes, in case you are wanting to cook the ham or turkey at home.

Both of our complete meal options consist of your traditional family turkey dinner.

What is included in the option that serves 6-8 people is a 5 pound roasted turkey, 16 ounces of gravy, 2 pounds of traditional dressing, 2 pounds of The Mill's Mac n' Cheese, 2 pounds of green bean casserole, 2 pounds of mashed potatoes, 16 ounces of cranberry relish, 1 dozen white mountain dinner rolls, and 1 pumpkin or pecan pie. It costs $160 for the full meal.

The larger option serves 10-12 people and includes a 10 pound roasted turkey, 32 ounces of gravy, 3 pounds of traditional dressing, 3 pounds of The Mill's Mac n' Cheese, 3 pounds of green bean casserole, 3 pounds of mashed potatoes, 32 ounces of cranberry relish, 2 dozen white mountain dinner rolls, and 2 pumpkin or pecan pies. It costs $200 for this option.

You can purchase any of the sides on their own as well as a sweet potato casserole.

If you opt for one of these options this year, you will have the most stress-free Thanksgiving ever. You will not have to worry about any of the food so you can spend your time with your family and friends. Make sure you place your order by Sunday the 18th by calling 770-817-9345 to ensure you have it all taken care of.